MobileKnox is a password manager available for Android with many features:
  • It utilizes the strong and very secure encryption standard AES and SHA.
  • Entries can be searched by title and content.
  • MobileKnox provides categories.
  • It comes with an automatic lock that is active after MobileKnox is idle for a certain (configurable) amount of time. 
  • Random and secure passwords can be generated by shaking the phone.
  • MobileKnox can be easily synchronizated with DesktopKnox. DesktopKnox runs on MS Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. 
  • Entries already used near the current position can be displayed. This allows to find entries that are used only on certain positions.
  • MobileKnox can import encrypted
    xml files (as generated by DesktopKnox and MobileKnox).
  • The data can be exported to an encrypted xml file format that can be read by MobileKnox and DesktopKnox.
  • MobileKnox can be installed on the SD card (if available).
Download MobileKnox for free from the Google Play Store.

MobileKnox Premium Key

MobileKnox Premium Key unlocks the premium features of MobileKnox.

The premium features are:
  • Synchronization with free DesktopKnox
  • Showing entries that were used nearby in the past
  • Export data from MobileKnox
  • Advertisements are disabled

Download MobileKnox Premium Key from the Google Play Store.

If you haven't done so, install MobileKnox first (see above).